16 December 2013

Draft One: Paris Streetlamps

I completed these new drawings a week or two ago: Paris Streetlamps (I should really do more). They just need some cleaning up, and then they will be ready!

29 November 2013

SALE at Beck and Cilla

From now through Tuesday night at midnight (12/3) I am running a 20% holiday discount on all items in my SHOPThe coupon code is BECKSALE01.

As this is my first sale, let me just say... Whoo!

22 November 2013

Ottawa House Completed

Finally, I have modified this piece to completion. I decided to apply a title to this one (which I have never done before) with a font called "Fang Song."

20 November 2013

Facebook Page

I'm so proud to launch the Beck and Cilla facebook page! Though I've been a Facebook skeptic for a while, I decided to begin crafting the page back in September in my spare time, and last night it was finally ready.

It's just within 18 hours now since I launched it and started inviting friends, and I've over 125 'likes' already! I'm excited. Facebook ads seems to have helped a little ;).  I am hoping this will prove to be a fortuitous choice for me.

07 November 2013

Ottawa House, Cushing's Island, Maine

New drawing! Ottawa House was a summer resort hotel for Canadian vacationers on Cushing's Island, Maine, which burnt to the ground in 1917.

This is just a second draft, now. I plan to expand, polish, and add more detail to the facade.

20 September 2013

Tumblr Open Arts

Tumblr Open Arts is an artists' blogging community which publishes submitted work of artists with active blogs on Tumblr. It's a great online gallery for emerging artists like myself.

My Elizabethan Gilt Tigerware Jug drawing was published today! The curator of the blog is somewhat selective, so I feel proud.

11 September 2013

New Abstract Tree Painting

This I did about a month ago, a departure from my usual style of small finicky  brush strokes into a use of bolder, sweeping strokes and dramatic color. You like it?

I also did this other one the day before: 

09 September 2013

We All Make Plans

Plans, plans, plans. Ok so I have a plan.

I think it's time to pay some homage to my homeland: Cushing's Island of Maine. I have many ideas - at the top of my list is a line drawing, of course, of Ottawa House, an historical summer hotel getaway for Canadian vacationers which burned to the ground in 1917.

20 May 2013

10 May 2013

Wow! A Wedding Registry!

No, I'm not getting married. Ta ha.

Today I sold a print of this piece, which a few weeks ago was included in someone's wedding registry on Etsy! Could this be the fulfillment? Yes or no, I am happy to make the sale!

Chandelier of the Royal Opera House, Muscat, Oman

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